Save More with Hard-to-Access Piggy Banks in Braintree, MA

Tired of spending your cash as soon as you get paid? In the past, you might have invested in a piggy bank. Today the idea might seem strange. The Temptationless Bank, however, isn’t your mother’s piggy bank.

In Braintree, MA, this recyclable, environmentally safe, rigid vault made out of hi-impact polystyrene isn't easy to open. It is designed to hold personal savings while preventing you from being tempted. This makes an extremely unique gift for all ages, especially kids.

Ready to start saving? Check out our how-to video for more fun information on how to access your savings once your bank is full. You’ll have to work hard to get your money out, but look on the bright side: putting cash away will be much easier.

Colors for Everyone

Whether you’re purchasing one for yourself or as a gift for a child, there’s a Temptationless Bank in a color that’s right for the occasion. Choose from classic gold, bright pink, and others—after all, saving money doesn’t have to be boring, and neither should your new piggy banks.

Classic gold Temptationless Bank

Pink Temptationless Bank

Blue Temptationless Bank

Silver Temptationless Bank

Built to Hold Thousands

Gone are the days of the classic piggy bank that only held a handful of change. Your childhood bank might have been cute, but it certainly can’t keep up with your more ambitious adult saving goals. That’s why the 10 square-inch Temptationless Bank is built with plenty of room for your cash. For example, this sturdy safe can hold approximately:

  • $40,000 in $5 Bills
  • $8,000 in $1 Bills
  • $3,000 in Quarters
  • $2,700 in Dimes
  • $500 in Nickels
  • $200 in Pennies

Contact our team to find out how our piggy banks can make a difference in your long-term approach to saving. You can reach us by phone, or visit New England Appliance in Braintree, Massachusetts to buy your bank in person.