About the Team Behind Our Tamper-Proof Piggy Bank

Spending money in today’s world is easy. You have the world at your fingertips – online stores, credit cards, and online banking make spending money very easy. It only takes one moment of weakness to blow through a week’s worth of wages. Our team realized this and set out to make a tamper-proof piggy bank that would solve this problem.

The Temptationless Bank team realized that saving money is easier when there is no temptation to spend the money. Unlike the meaningless gifts consumers shop for online or at stores, our piggy bank represents hope—the possibility that you, too, can save when you try. This bank takes out the temptation and adds in the sense of accomplishment to saving money. Moreover, the bank helps you reach an attainable goal after you’ve saved money over an extended period of time. Whether you are using it as a coin bank for kids or just a spare change bank, you will have no problem saving money.