An Innovative New Money Storage Bank

Saving money is hard these days. Online shopping, micro-transactions in apps, and ongoing sales at your favorite stores make keeping cash in your pocket next to impossible. What if there was a way to put some money away without the fear of breaking down and spending it in a moment of weakness? The Temptationless Bank is a new money storage bank that will change the way you save money.

With this indestructible piggy bank, you can put money away and keep it safe from spending hands. Made of rigid, unyielding plastic, this 10-square-inch safe is impossible to open without a saw, making it the perfect approach to modern money storage. It does not matter if you are seeking an option for an adult or a child, this bank is sure to help you save money. If you are interested in this Braintree bank, you can purchase one at New England Appliance or call us at (833) 233-BANK for more information.

The Product:
The Temptationless Bank is built to last. Made of a durable, hardened plastic, this bank helps you resist the temptation to spend every last dime.

Check our gallery for photos of Gold, Graphite, Blue, and Pink banks with plenty of room for cash.

How-To Video:
Interested in learning how our bank works? Check out our short video to learn more about this incredibly easy way to save more money.

Where to Buy:
Find out where you can get your very own Temptationless Bank. Visit New England Appliance or reach out to our team to place your order.

The Perfect Gift for Big (and Little) Savers

Learning to save money early on is a valuable skill. However, not everyone is able to avoid the temptation to spend money, especially when it comes to bad habits and that impulse buy that we all struggle with. That’s why we created the Temptationless Bank. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or looking for a present for a child, we think our modern piggy bank is the perfect way to save money. Plus, it helps you control your spending habits—once the money is in the bank, it’ll be tough to get it back out!

Contact us today to purchase your bank and upgrade your approach to modern money storage. You can reach us by phone, or visit New England Appliance in Braintree, Massachusetts to buy your bank in person.